Shamil Kayaralath.

Freelance Web Developer & Designer

Who We Are

We are a group of freelancers, we design thoughtful digital experiences and beautiful brand aesthetics.

We Are Freelancers was founded in mid 2010 as a design collaborative between Shamil, Ajay & Ajil. Over the following years the collaborative evolved into a diverse array of advertising & marketing design and production. A group of freelancers, all sharing the same passion for producing high end work in their respective fields. Covering area’s such as Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Website Development, Branding, Social Media Marketing.


The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any project. Often project planning is ignored in favour of getting on with the work.


This stage involves clearly defining the owner design requirements so as to form a sound foundation for the design process to proceed and is the right time to engage consultants and set up the formal design management process.


In the build-up phase, you bring your team together. Time estimates become schedules. Cost estimates become budgets. You gather your resources. You get commitments, and you make them.


Successful projects are completed on time, within budget, and they deliver the functionality users require. A project launch checklist includes a verification that the time, budget and functionality targets are clear and are understood by all team members.

What we do

We take pride in what we do. Our services are designed to help your business stand out and turn your ideas into digital realities.

Brand Identity

Your logo will be the first thing people see when they come across your business, so it is important that it portrays your business in the correct way, leaving a lasting impression and engaging your audience. The logo is only the start of developing a quality brand identity and our team will also design all supporting graphics that are required such as stationery, brochures and website.

Web Designing & Development

Captivate users with awesome visuals and keep them immersed in your site by making it easy for them to find exactly what they want. The look and feel of a website will inspire, but user-friendliness is essential to achieving success. We firmly believe that balancing these two aspects of design will result in the greatest user experience.

Social Media Marketing

Collectively, social media platforms receive billions of visits every month and offer plenty of opportunities for businesses to attract visitors and increase sales. Though search engine traffic has a higher conversion rate, this medium should not be ignored due the high levels of potential traffic, brand awareness effectiveness and the positive effects it has for search engine optimisation.

eCommerce Websites

Put simply, eCommerce websites should be designed to convert visits into sales. Visitors now expect a great deal from their online shopping experience and in what is often a congested market place, it is important to carefully balance certain key factors as part of your eCommerce web design. The overall design of your website should represent your brand and maintain a cohesive company identity.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the creation and publishing of content, which can be shared through multiple channels to build trust and brand awareness for your business. Quality, informative and well-structured content throughout your website will engage your visitors, deliver improved return on investment and show search engines you are an authority in your field, increasing your online visibility.

UX Design

UX Design is the focus on design to support and enhance the user experience, few things are more subjective than design, but it is amazing how much common ground we share when deciding on beauty, but sites that perform well commercially must be easy to work with too. End to end UX can lower costs for business leads, support and at the same time increase customer retention and online visibility due to user metrics.

Our Works

We create brands, products, and experiences that people love. Check out our recent works.

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The Wheelers Club Foundation, Calicut

Web Design

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Calicut Electrical Agencies, Calicut

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TND Technologies, Dubai

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INTEGRAL Entrance Coaching, Calicut

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Lamos Technology Solutions, Cochin

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Hurrysmart Recruitment Services, Malappuram

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Prema Offshore Marine Services, Gujarat

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Kayakalpamarma Ayurvedic Treatment, Kannur

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The Tailor 11, Wholesale Dressing Solutions, Calicut

Web Design & Development

VOX Interiros, Calicut

Web Design & Development

Tazkmazter, Banglore

Web Design & Development

Our Clients

Who we have work with

I have been really happy with Shamil's commitment to quality, and service

Sunish Nair Calicut Electrical Agencies

I can't say enough about the excellent work that Shamil has done on my website

Prajith Jaipal Founder, The Wheelers Club Foundation

Excellent Website and great functionality, just what we needed for our business launch

Narendra Dev CEO, Prema Offshore Marine Services, Gujarat

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